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When it comes to selling your business, #confidentiality is an extremely important aspect. Usually, business owners do not want employees, customers, vendors or contractors to know that their business is for sale because it could rock the boat, cause them to jump ship, switch to competitors and cause disruptions precisely at a time when you need everything to be running smoothly.

Another threat is competitors finding out your business is for sale and using the opportunity to pose as buyers to see your books or steal your trade secrets, contacts, vendors, employees, procedures or processes.

The best way to keep your business sale confidential, is to engage the services of an experienced business broker, such as #DreamBusinessBrokers. We will protect the identity of your company and market it only to pre-screened buyers who have signed a confidentiality agreement.

Dream Business Brokers are highly skilled at confidentially marketing businesses; we use generic descriptions that will not give away your business identity. Vetted buyers who want more detailed information about our business must first sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and the potential buyer will be held liable if they disclose confidential information to a third party. For tighter security, you can even choose to have us only release confidential information about your business to interested buyers that you pre-approve.

As your business broker, we will prepare a confidential information memorandum, or CIM, used in mergers and acquisitions to disclose important information about your business that a buyer will need in deciding whether to present an offer, or Letter of Intent (LOI), to purchase your business. The CIM will include various information about your business operations including financial statements and other data important to serious buyers. Buyers must always sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to receive the confidential information memorandum.

Once the right buyer is found, we will help you negotiate the best possible terms for your sale. All due diligence, including site visits, will be conducted in a confidential manner. This will ensure your transaction stays confidential throughout negotiation, so you need not worry about the identity of your business being exposed to employees, competitors or the public.

Call Dream Business Brokers today at 1-866-CA-DREAM or email to schedule a complimentary confidential consultation and discuss how we can best be of value to you.

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