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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

What if you could sell your business for 50% more, without adding additional revenue, without cutting any costs and without selling additional assets or IP. What if you could get 50% more for your business without spending years more on painstaking growth?

Did you know that businesses in the $10-25 million range trade on average for 5.9 EBITDA while businesses in the $100-250 million range sell for an average of 8.8x EBITDA? Well that is almost 50% more! You may say, "well that is because businesses valued in the $100m+ range fetch a premium because...uh...'cause they are priced higher???" Well, not exactly.

Truth is, mid-market business owners are leaving money on the table at closing! A LOT OF MONEY!! The reason: Rookie Mistakes! You may be a smart business owner and a true expert in your field, however how many businesses have you sold? How much real experience do you have in M&A transactions?

Whether you plan to exit in 10 months or in 10 years, wouldn't it be smart, as a business owner, to analyze the best practices of successful $100m+ M&A transactions, to see what lessons can be learned and what rookie mistakes can be avoided in order to maximize your ROI?

If you are selling a business with $1 million EBITDA, the difference between a 5.9X and 8.8X multiplier could net you an additional $2.9 million! So the answer is YES, it pays quite nice to study and implement the techniques of larger M&A sales into your exit planning no matter the size of your business.

The truth is, getting the best price for your business is very hard work. It begins well before bringing the business to market and requires a professionally planned and managed process. In fact, selling your business IS a full-time job in and of itself. Now you could do it yourself, but that would be your first rookie mistake.

At Dream Business Brokers, your business is our business. We love helping business owners achieve their financial and personal dreams. You have spent too much time and effort building your business to leave money on the table. You have too much riding on this to make rookie mistakes.

Get in touch with us today and schedule a confidential, no-cost & no-commitment, Exit Planning Consultation with one of our Certified Exit Planning Consultants. We'll get you started with a complimentary customized ExitMap Assessment Report with helpful recommendations to prepare you for your big exit. Whether you plan on selling in 10 months or in 10 years, we'll make sure you are on the right track, avoid rookie mistakes, and don't leave any money on the table!

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